[Introduction of BI MATRIX's Solutions] Integrated BI Solution, MATRIX Suite

Integrated BI Solution, MATRIX Suite

MATRIX Suite is a collection of BI MATRIX's flagship solutions. It is a BI suite that integrates various functions such as dashboard, OLAP, simulation, and self-BI into one platform.

Scope of application of MATRIX Suite

Integrated BI solution MATRIX Suite enables fast information flow, shortened analysis time, and wider scope of business so that users can utilize BI information for their own purpose.

"Do you want to know what solutions and features are included in the MATRIX Suite? And how they are used?"

▶ Product Component
MATRIX Suite integrates BI MATRIX's flagship products i-MATRIX, i-CANVAS and i-BIG in a single architecture.

- i-MATRIX : User-centered BI solution optimized for creating complex structred reports - i-CANVAS : BI Solution optimized for creating beautiful EIS / Dashboard - i-STREAM : Advanced analytics (Statistics, Data mining) solution for data scientists - i-BIG : Smart BI based big data analytics engine

▶ App…

BI MATRIX, an agency contract with Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation in Japan

The BI MATRIX signed an agency contract with Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation (JAPAN) at the head office in Tokyo, Japan, on September 10, 2018.
Through the signing this contract, Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation, is not only  selling BI MATRIX solutions in Japan, but also committed to creating a 'LONG-TERM CLOSE PARTNERSHIP' with BI MATRIX.

※ Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation ( an affiliate of Hitachi High-Tech Group in Japan, is a global company that designs/manufactures/sales of instrumentation and control devices and related software development and solution sales.

BI MATRIX i-STREAM Won [IR52 Jang Young-Shil] Award

BI MATRIX received the award at the 86th IR52 Jang Young-Shil Awards held on July 28.

The IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award, hosted by Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communications and hosted by Korea Industrial Technology Association, is the Korea's highest-ranking technology award established in 1991. 
An important evaluation indicator for this award’s win is the level, performance and technical differentiation of the technology compared to the world's best technologies. By using AI (Artificial Intelligence), i-STREAM is a system that collects and analyzes data and generates reports on a single platform. This system makes it easy for users to perform big data statistics, forecasts, and data mining tasks.

-About IR52 Jang Young-Shil award- IR stands for Industrial Research.52 means 52 weeks per year, namely one item every week.Jang Young-Shil was one of the greatest inventors in the Korean history.The award was established in 1991 to honor and encourage engineers who…

Bae Young-Geun, CEO of BI MATRIX, delivered a congratulatory address on '2018 Data Global Leadership Program'

Bae Young-Geun, the chair of the overseas cooperation department of the Data Industry Council, delivered a congratulatory address in front of 10 officials from overseas universities and institutions related to data such as Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Thailand and Indonesia in 2018 Data Global Leadership Program Orientation Event held at the 7th floor of the Data Agency on Aug. 27.

In his congratulatory speech, Bae Young-Geun said the era of the fourth industrial revolution is an era of data, and that fostering data experts is important. Emphasizing the university's role in fostering data professionals, data companies in Korea are also working to help these universities.

In addition, data companies in Korea want to contribute not only to overseas advancement but also to the development of global data technology through cooperation with foreign companies, research institutes and universities. BI MATRIX also donated its own data analysis solutions to Kindai University in Japan last month to …

BI MATRIX hold a seminar to suggest the solutions to increase productivity for a 52 hour workweek.

On July 25, BI MATRIX held a seminar for companies in Busan with 'IL JOO GnS' which is BI-MATRIX's Busan-Gyeongnam area partner and 'B&F'. 
in the seminar, BI MATRIX received much attention from the participants, offering a variety of solutions to increase productivity in the 52 hour workweek. (*From July 2, 2018, Korean workers' legal working hours were reduced to 52 hours a week.)

 No SQL No coding !AUD(= Advanced UI Development)

BI MATRIX helps companies improve productivity By Development ‘AUD (= Advanced UI Development)’ that develops UI without SQL and without Coding.

(: Bae young Geun (CEO of BI MATRIX) is presenting about the way to increase productivity by AUD(=Advanced UI Development) that is the methodology developed by BI MATRIX-self.)

Self- BIBI MATRIX’s solutions systemize a wide variety of manual analysis tasks in the enterprise. BI MATRIX introduced a way to complete tasks in an hour that used to take a week by using Self-BI, BI MATRIX’s solutions…

BI MATRIX donated BI solutions to Kindai(近畿) University(Osaka, Japan)

BI MATRIX donated i-MATRIX to Kindai (近 畿) University in Osaka, Japan on June 30 At an international academic conference, ITAM(International Conference on IT Applications and Management), organized by the Korea Data Strategy Association.

i-MATRIX donated to Kindai University will be used for academic research and education for the students of Kindai University. Kindai students will practice their data analysis using i-MATRIX, which is a Web-systematized as the Excel function.

BI MATRIX donated solutions due to Various Activities including establishing a branch in Japan, acquiring patents in Japan, owning a Japanese partner, and participating in an IT exhibition in Japan and Product excellence proven in Korea as the No.1 company in BI solution business.

BI MATRIX’s i-CANVAS, 'E-government standard framework compatibility certification' for the first time in BI solutions.

BI MATRIX's BI solution ‘i-CANVAS’ is compatible with ‘Electronic Government Standard Framework’ from NIA (Information Society Agency) for the first time in BI business.

‘E-Government Standard Framework’ is a national standard framework established by the government to improve the quality of information systems. Its purpose is to eliminate dependencies of certain businesses by standardizing development bases and to reduce costs by developing overlapping SW between businesses.
i-CANVAS achieved ' Electronic Government Standard Framework Compatibility Certification ' following GS certification in 2016. i-CANVAS has been internationally recognized as a reliable and effective product for its public agency business with the acquisition of ' e-government standard framework compatibility certification '. Compatibility certification means that the various functions of the i-CANVAS are compatible with the ' electronic government standard framework ' and are working re…